Every day Dansk Jernbane Aps handle the transport of about 450 tonnes of paper pulp and recycled paper between Maglemølle near Næstved and Dalum Papirfabrik in Odense.

Dansk Jernbane Aps manage the job using their own or leased locomotives. They own MY 1158, MY 1154 and MX 1029 and have been leasing the following: MX 1009 (NJ M 11), MY 1146 (NJ M17) and MY 1145 (VL M105).

Dalum Papirfabrik was founded in 1874 on the outskirts of town. In 1999 it was bought by 4 Danish investors and changed its name to Dalum Papir A/S. The manufacturing of paper takes place in Dalum, Odense, while the recycling of paper is handled in Maglemølle near Næstved.
Dalum Papir A/S employs 290 people, 250 in Odense and 40 in Næstved.

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