Finally it is again possible to see MY and MX on Funen. After the withdrawal of these locomotives from the DSB you had to go to Jutland or  Zealand to see them. Now that Dansk Jernbane Aps have taken over the paper transport from Railion on January 8th 2006 any NOHAB enthusiast on Funen can hear the well-known NOHAB sound twice a day, when the paper train crosses East Funen on its way from Fruens Bøge, Odense to Nyborg, making a return run later in the same evening.

The paper train runs on the following schedule as of January 1st 2007:

My first photos of Dansk Jernbane Aps taken near Dalum Paper Factory and at Fruens Bøge Station January 17th, 27th and 28th 2006.

Dansk Jernbane Aps (DJ=) is new to railway operations in Denmark. The company handles national goods transports in Denmark as well as international transports to and from.
DJ= is a new company founded in the beginning of 2004, DJ= is owned by The Northern German Railway Company mbH NEG. NEG is owned by EuroLuxCargo/CLF of Luxemburg.

New photos Saturday February 4th. 2006 Dalum Paper Factory

New Photos of the Paper train near Odense ZOO, Odense Hospital and West from Langeskov

The Paper train in Næstved 21th. March 2006

The Paper train on Dalum Paper Factory, West from Odense , Oest from Langeskov and Hjulby

New Photos