On February 23 2005 a snowstorm hit the southern part of Denmark. It didn't bring huge volumes of snow, but strong winds and drifting snow did cause problems.

MY 1101 from the Danish Railway Museum was brought out to assist the light trainsets on the line to Svendborg. This locomotive weighing 101,6 tonnes and snow ploughs 145 and 137 built by Scandia in 1979 weighing about 50 tonnes each were put in service to keep the track clear of snow. On other lines around the country there were other MY locomotives hard at work keeping the tracks clear. MY 1135 was in service in Fredericia, while LJ M38 worked its way around the south eastern part of the country.

Series of photos of plough 145-MY1101- plough 137 near Odense Station in the days following the snowstorm on February 23 2005.

The service of rolling stock from the Danish Railway Museum during the snowstorm was given a lot of  press in the Danish media with reports being broadcast on both TV2 and TV Fyn as well as articles in the newspapers.

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