To replace the large steam shunting locomotives type Q DSB purchased 17 diesel shunting locomotives type MT from 1958 to 1960.  It was to be used for shunting operations on larger stations and light freight trains. In the beginning the locomotives did not quite meet the expectations, but this changed when engines were replaced.
Technical data:
Weight:   52 t.
Max. speed: 90 km/h.
Constructor: Frichs
Wheel arrangement: Bo'Bo'
Length: 12490 mm
Max. output: 492 HP- 361 kW/1400 rpm.
Number of driving axles: 4.
These locomotives are no longer in service, but a few have been preserved and DJK have for some years been operating MT 152 in Nyborg over Easter.

Photos from one Easter in Nyborg: MT 152. Plus MT 162 hauling a freight train on the Svendborg line and MT 165 hauling a freight train from Tommerup to Odense, and finally shunting operations in Odense (MT 161) and Randers (MT 157).

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of type MT

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