Days of diesel trains in Odense, 14th and 15th of August.

Days of diesel trains at the Railway Museum in Odense, 14th and 15th of August. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the MY locomotive in Denmark a gathering of diesel locomotives from no less than 6 different countries could be seen in Odense at the Danish Railway Museum.

The international success of the occasion was especially due to one man German Klaus Korbacher as he took out a loan of no less than 17.000 EURO to ensure the transport of the Hungarian MAV M61 017, thereby ensuring the presence of locomotives from all the countries that bought this type of locomotive: Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Luxemburg and Hungary. The design and construction was based on an American model. The locomotives in Norway, Denmark and Hungary were built by Swedish company NOHAB in Trollhättan. DSB purchased 59 of type MY and 45 of the smaller version type MX. The locomotives were delivered  from 1954 to 1965. The Swedes had none of these locomotives delivered, but following their withdrawal from regular service in Denmark several of them went into service with private railways in Sweden. The MY locomotive was withdrawn from service in Denmark in 2001. None of the original operators of this type of locomotive are using them today, but private railway companies in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy and Croatia have bought many of these 50 years old hard working locomotives.

The following locomotives could be seen in Odense:
MY 1101, DSB museumstog, Denmark,
MY 1108, TMY 106 TÅGAB, Sweden,
MY 1126, GM gruppen DJK, Denmark,
MY 1135, DSB Teknik Tjenestelokomotiv 80 86 00-21-135-7, Denmark,
MY 1153, Lollandsbanen LJ M38, Denmark,
MX 1001, DSB museumstog, Denmark,
MX 1006, Lokalbanen, Denmark,
MX 1009, Nordjydske jernbaner M 11, Denmark,
MX 1010, OHJ MX 103 Vestsjællands Lokalbaner, Denmark,
SNCB 202.020, Belgium,
CFL 1604 Luxemburg,
CFL 1805 Luxemburg,
MAV M61 017, Hungary,
Di3 616, Norway,
GM 7707, Norway,
MZ 1401, DSB museumstog, Denmark,
MZ 1419, Banedanmark, Denmark,
MZ 1450 Railion, Denmark,
ME 1519, DSB, Denmark,
T 41 nr 200 and 204, Sweden.

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