We had been waiting for it for a long time, but finally we got to see the new IC 4-train. I myself went to Vojens on May 21st. Even though the train is still wrapped up, you can see that the design is quite beautiful. Looking through a window will reveal that the interior is quite beautiful too. When you look closely, it's obvious that this is an Italian train. The bogies are filled with tubes and taps, and what about the couplers, can they cope with the Danish winter climate? At the entrance doors you get a clear sense of the much talked about problems with the station platforms. The IC 4-train is 27 meters longer than the IC 3-train, and besides that there will be 8 driver's compartments taking up space in the middle of a train consisting of 5 train sets. It's a very elegant train, and I hope it will go on to become very successful in daily operations.

It would probably have been wise to do some test runs in the winter. Take one look at the cooler and imagine it being turned into a big block of ice on a daily run from Copenhagen to Århus during a snowstorm.

Data. IC4  from DSB's homesite

IC3 from DSB's homesite

Motive power:
Max. speed:  1
Max. acceleration:
Length above couplers:
Wheel base: 
Floor height: 
Heating system:
Number of seats:
Max. train size:
Safety system:

4 diesel engines (560 KW) 
Mechanical braking system
180 (200) km/h 
1,2 m/s2 
86,53 m 
3,15 m   
4,20 m 
19,10 + 2,80 m 
1,29/0,60 m 
147 t 
Air-conditioning plant
187 + 21 tip-up seats 
5 train sets 

ABB Scandia
4 diesel engines (294 KW)
Mechanical braking system
180 km/h
1,0 m/s2
58,80 m
3,10 m
3,85 m
17,73 + 2,50/2,70 m
1,30 m
147 t   97,0 t
Air-conditioning plant
138 + 6 tip-up seats
5 train sets

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