Many of Europe's cities have long ago realized the benefits of having an underground rail system.  Copenhagen has now finally gotten its own Metro, as a result of many years of development from horse-drawn carriages to trams and S-trains.

Construction of the Metro got off to a difficult start and the inauguration was since delayed several times. However it eventually took place, but the first trains could only be put put into service because of a special permission from the railway authorities (Jernbanetilsynet). The Metro can nevertheless be considered quite an astonishing achievement, the trains are becoming more and more reliable, but some might have preferred to have a driver on the trains.

The Metro has since had an increasing number of passengers, because more new stations have been added to the network from October 2002 to October 2003. The expectation is to have 26 million passengers a year in 2003 and more than 50 millions by the year 2005.

The Metro-network spans 21 kilometres above ground and 10 kilometres of underground rail. The lowest point is 33 metres below ground.

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