Ever felt like being in control of a train from Århus to Frederikshavn or driving the Bernina-express? Here is your chance: MSTS Trainsimulator. You can take the driver's seat of a fast Japanese train or drive through the English countryside with a wonderful steam engine. You can even see kangaroos when you drive across the Australian desert.

This page is meant to praise the fantastic opportunity of having an incredibly realistic experience with the computer so much so, that when you're in the driver's seat you find yourself almost waving to the colleague in the train coming toward you in the opposite track.

You can download new trains and routes from the internet and you will soon find your own personal favorites.

Downloaded routes that I would recommend:

NDK, from Århus to Frederikshavn, very realistic.
WupperExpress, where you can costumize your own interesting activities.
ALBULA LINE, an extremely beautiful route, highly recommended.
Sicily from Messina to Catania, a very beautiful route from Italy.

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