DSB received 59 MY-class locomotives, 1101 through 1159, and 45 MX locomotives, 1001 through 1045, from supplier NOHAB Nydqvist & Holm AB Trollhättan. The first MY locomotive arrived in Denmark on february 7 1954, and the last train hauled by an MY locomotive drove on june 15 2001.

The Nohab locomotive was not only a success in Denmark. In Norway they had 42 Di3 locomotives, 603 through 643. NOHAB locomotive were also delivered to Hungary  GM and Nohab sent a test locomotive on a trial run through  Eastern Europe and Turkey.

The test train passing Langeskov on its trial run through Europe to Turkey.
The photo was taken by a local photographer and was one of a series of postcards from Langeskov.

To Hungarian MAV were delivered 20  Nohab locomotives M61  001 through M61 020. Finland came close to ordering 5 of the Norwegian locomotives, but the contract was cancelled in 1959.

In Belgium SAFB  built 40 MY look-alike locomotives type 202 and 203 for the Belgian State Railways (SNCB) and four locomotives type 1600 for the State Railways of Luxemburg.

The locomotives were built in accordance with a license from GM-EMD in both Sweden and Belgium. The model for the locomotive is the American EMD F7, which was built in great numbers for several railway operators in America.

Even Australia  has had some influence on the MY locomotive. With the F7 having either a driver's compartment in only one end or none at all, the Australian B-class designed by chief engineer Fred Sheare for Victorian railways in 1951 does have driver's compartments in both ends of the locomotive.

For Clyde Engineering Co in Sydney chief engineer Fred Sheare designed a B-class locomotive later operated by Victorian railways.

Even though the My and Mx locomotives are very much alike in appearance, there are some major differences between the two, especially the difference in weight is significant; this being the main reason for ordering the Mx-class in the first place.

Photos above taken by Søren Madsen.

My and Mx are no longer in service with the Danish State Railways, but private Danish railway operators have taken over several of the locomotives.  Both Lollandsbanen, Nordjydske Jernbaner and Lokalbanen  are operating these locomotives today.

Photos: Jan Pedersen. More on his Website  www.lollandsbanen-privat.dk

Today Nohab locomotives are in service in Sweden and Germany, these are former DSB locomotives. The former NSB locomotives are in service in Italy and Kosovo.

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