MY 1126 was there when Danish Railway Club inaugurated their new depot building in Marslev. MY 1126 was delivered to DSB in August of 1957 and was at the time in the classic wine red livery. In 1978 it was repainted in the new red/black livery. In 1988 it was withdrawn from regular service and painted in a very special livery as was MX 1021. These two locomotives were to be used for special test runs of the system ATCS (Advanced Train Control System). MY 1126 and 1124 were leased to NSB Norwegian State Railways because of a lack of rolling stock during the Olympic Winter Games. MY 1126 was given a name (Nikita) in the mid 1990's. Danish Railway Club took over MY 1126 in July 2002 and following refurbishing it entered into service with the GM-group in October 2003. You can only hope that MY 1126 and MX 1021 both will get to keep their special livery. MX 1021 is owned by TÅGAB in Sweden. They also own TMX104, which is being refurbished in Kristinehamn.

MY 1126 in Marslev heading towards Nyborg on 16th of April 2004. No sound on this recording
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