Facts about railways on Funen:

Langelandsbanen, LB
opened 5 October 1911, a section of 33 km. Closed down 29 September 1962.
Rudkøbing-Bagenkop, Skrøbelev-Spodsbjerg
Nordfyenske, NFJ opened 1 July 1882, a section of 38 km. Closed down 31 March 1966.
Nordvestfyenske, OMB opened 5 December 1911, a section of 61 km. Closed down 31 March  1966.
Odense -Brenderup-Middelfart, Brenderup-Bogense
Odense-Kjerteminde-Dalby  OKDj opened 5 April 1900, a section of 32 km from 1914.
Odense-Kjerteminde-Martofte OKMJ, a section of 36 km, closed down 31 March 1966.
Sydfyenske, Odense-Svendborg, SFJ opened 12 July 1876, a section of 48 km.
Ringe-Faaborg, RFB opened 1 April 1882, a section of 29 km. From 1962 only freight operations.
Ringe-Nyborg, RNB, opened 1 September 1897, a section of 26 km. Closed down 1962 .
Svendborg-Nyborg ,SNB opened 1 June 1897, a section of 38 km. Closed down 1964.
Odense-Nørre Broby-Faaborg, ONFJ opened 3 October 1906, a section of 47 km. Closed down 1954.
Svendborg-Faaborg, SFB opened 25 November 1916, a section of 22 km. Closed down 1954.
All were taken over by the state in 1949; Odense-Svendborg being the only one still open today.

Chimney bands:

OMB, OKMJ and Sydfyn did not use chimney bands.

NFJ had chimney bands in red-white-red. Jydsk-Fyenske Statsbaner's chimney bands are the ones we know from the locomotives of the DSB red-white-red. 

LB had chimney bands in white-red-white.

On 7 September 1865 a section of railway between Nyborg and Middelfart was opened. The inauguration ceremony was overseen by  King Christian IX and Queen Louise, and the railway was given the name: Queen Louise's Railway.  The royals had come to Nyborg on the royal ship Slesvig. The inaugural train departed Nyborg at 12.30 p.m. and arrived in Odense an hour later. The next stop was Middelfart, and at 18.15 p.m. the party was back in Odense, where the inauguration ceremony ended with speeches and a torchlight procession.  Two years later King Christian IX ratified the law, that enabled the state to take over Jydsk-Fynske Jernbaner. On September 1st 1867 the operation of all railways West of The Great Belt was taken over by the state.

Assensbanen, opened 31 May 1884, a section of 29 km. Passenger operations ceased 21 May 1966.

SFvJ Syd Fyenske Veteranjernbane. Opened 1988,  operating on a section of 12,5 km.

Photos: OKMJ no. 14 on a last excursion for Dansk Jernbaneklub
SFvJ F 657 on the last day of steam in 2005

"Danske privatbaners damplokomotiver" by William Bay. "Danske Privatbaner gennem 150 år", Banebøger, "Danske Jernbaner gennem tiderne" by Mogens Nørgård Olesen

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