Export of Danish NOHAB-locomotives to Sweden was begun in 1993 and had continued ever since. Many Danish MY's and MX's have returned to Sweden and have been put into service following major or minor refurbishing. Even some former DSB MZ's are now running in Sweden.
Unfortunately not only the DSB, but also some private railway operators in Denmark have decided to sell some of their locomotives, because of decreasing amounts of freight on rails and the fact that national freight operator RAILION are limiting their operations to transit freight trains.
On February 17th 2006 3 locomotives from Lollandsbanen were shipped to Sweden: M34, 35 and 37 (formerly MX 1031, 1033 and 1004). Swedish Tågkraft Inc. are refurbishing TMX 1031 and TMX 1033, and the results are very good.
The locomotives have been equipped with a Tågkraft logo and a NOHAB logo on the front, hopefully this will also happen with MX 1004.

Swedish Tågtekniq's (STT) depot is situated in Naessjo and both MZ's and MY's have been redesigned in unconventional ways. This is also the case with TMZ 1408 from Motala, whereas MY 1134 was in very poor condition.

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