Tuesday October 14th I travelled to Nässjö to visit Svensk Tågkraft AB (STAB). I departed Odense at 05.56 a.m. by InterCityLyn and then took the Øresundstrain to Malmø. From there I took the X2000 at 08.14 a.m. and arrived in Nassjö at 10.06 a.m. Right upon arrival I saw TMX 1033 departing with a northbound train.
I had been informed that TMX 1033 and TMX 1031 would be in Nassjö, but was hoping to see other former DSB NOHAB locomotives as well
The former Danish locomotives seem to be doing very well in Sweden, some of them at least, a few are in poor condition. TMY 1110, TMY 1124  and TMY 1134 and four TMZ belong in the latter category.
I managed to get a photo of TMZ 1421 in Hässleholm, where it was about to depart with a lumber train.
TMX 1031 was in the work shop for inspection and later in the day TMX 1042 and TMY 1105 arrived for refuelling.
In the late afternoon the Banverket Produktion DLL QTB 284 arrived for refuelling. I talked to one of the workers present. He told me that the locomotive has a 12 cylinder GM engine built by Nohab in 1969-1970 specifically for heavy freight traffic and snow train operations. The following morning I took the X2000 at 10.53 a.m. departing Nassjö almost simultaneously with Railion EG 3108.

Click here to watch video clip of TMX 1033 at Nässjö Station.
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Click here to watch video clip of QTB 286 at Nässjö Station.
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