Die Bäderbahn MOLLI
Bad Doberan- Heiligendamm-Kühlungsborn

Grand Duke Friedrich Franz I founded in 1793 Heiligendamm was the first German seaside resort.  In 1886 the narrow-track railway between Bad Doberan and Heiligendamm brought the first bathers to the beaches of the Baltic Sea. In 1910 the line to Heiligendamm Kühlungsborn was opened bringing the distance of track to 15.4 kilometres in total. In Kühlungsborn West you will find the Molli museum, the station building dating back to 1934.

Towards Heiligendamm the Molli train goes straight through the town of Bad Doberan. The road through Bad Doberan is the local pedestrian street with limited traffic.  Motorists are familiar with the train's departure times and are prepared to meet the train, so unfortunate incidents are avoided, because the Molli is always accurate.  MOLLI stops in Bad Doberan Goethestrasse, City Center and the Bahnhof Bad Doberan.

The first station of Bad Doberan has connections to both Rostock and Wismar.  Kühlungsborg West has both a small museum and a cafe.

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