Harz narrow gauge Railways
Die Harzer Schmalspurbahnen

In the eastern part of Harzen you will find a unique net of narrow gauge lines. I visited there for the second time in March 2011. There are steam trains in regular service through the beautiful mountain landscapes of Nordhausen, Wernigerode and Quedlinburg. The small train will take you through forests, over steep mountains and through large and small villages. It is like a journey through time far away from modernity.
"Harzen Narrow Gauge Railway lines" (HSB) are really three railway lines - "Harzquerbahn" (Nordhausen - Wernigerode), "Brockenbahn" (Wernigerode - Bloksbjerg) and "Selketalbahn" (Quedlinburg - Hasselfelde). HSB owns 25 steam engines for passenger service, but there are also some diesel trains on the line. In regular service are 17 steam engines from the 50's. There are 41 stations. The oldest engine is a Mallet from 1897.
Facts on HSB:
· 140 km, the longest narrow gauge line in Germany
· the station Bloksbjerget is situated 1125 m above sea level
· the line has some 400 bridges and viaducts.
The three lines are all protected property.

On tour with Harz narrow gauge Railway to Eisfelder Talmühle, 22 March 2011
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