Wernigerode is in the Northern part of Harz Sachsen-Anhalt. Wernigerode has some 33.700 inhabitants. The tourism industry is a major source of income for the town. The landscape surrounding the town is magnificent and offers plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities both summer and winter, you can walk in the woods or ski in the mountains. Anyone with a special interest in trains would feel most welcome here, as you can get lots of railway experiences on the HSB Harzer Schmalspurbahnen (narrow gauge).

HSB Harzer Schmalspurbahnen has 1,1 million passengers a year, many of whom go on the trip to Brocken, the highest mountain in Harzen (1142 meters). HSB employs 240 people on its 140 km. of track. The trains use the historic track sections Harcquer (61 km), Selketal (60 km) and Brocken (19 km).The first known climb of Brocken took place in 1572, and the first building was put there by Count Christian Ernst. In the 1800's a guest house was built, but this burned down in 1865 and a hotel was built instead. A weather station was built in  1895. After WW2 the area was closed, because it was in a military zone. The last soldier left in 1994, since then the area has been open for tourists.

On a trip from Wernigerode to Brocken you pass through the small village of Drei Annen Hohne.  This town was founded as a result of mining for copper. When a station was opened in 1898 it was decided to give up mining and make tourism a major source of income instead. HSB Harzer Schmalspurbahnen have 25 steam engines. 17 of them have been built in 1954-1956, the rest dating from 1897, 1914 and 1939.  HSB Harzer Schmalspurbahnen have 12  diesel engines and 10 other units that run on a daily basis.

Train 8903 departing Wernigerode Westerntor

Train 8903 departing Wernigerode for Hochschule Harz

Train 8929 departing Drei Annen Hohne

Train 8929 near Drei Annen Hohne

If you are in the neighbourhood you should definitely visit the town of Thale. There is still a beautiful signal tower near the station that used to be very busy because of the surrounding industrial areas. The trains that pass by here today are from HEX HarxElbeExpress.

Thale is well-known for the valley of Bodedalen, mystery, witches and devil worship and the beautiful landscapes.
Thale is also a place to have fun as there are several kinds of amusements to enjoy on the ground as well as in the air.
The aerial ropeway to the place of witch dance. The aerial ropeway will take you to an altitude of 431 meters above the valley of Bodedalen where the view is even more amazing than you can imagine from the ground. There is also a ropeway with open cars enabling you to enjoy the fresh mountain air.

HEX HarxElbeExpress departing Thale

HSB Harzer Schmalspurbahnen departing Wernigerode for Brocken.

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