The best place in Scandinavia to see MY- and MX-locomotives is no longer Denmark, but Kristinehamn in Sweden. As the number of domestic freight trains in Denmark continues to decrease, the well-known GM-sound is disappearing from the Danish landscape.

Sweden has seen a development similar to that in Denmark with different measures being taken to make the railroads more profitable. As was the case in Denmark several new railway companies saw the light of day only to go bankrupt after a while.

One of the new companies in Sweden is Tågåkeriet i Bergslagen AB in Kristinehamn. Tågåkeriet i Bergslagen  AB - Tågab for short - have taken over some 30 DSB GM-locomotives. Exporting MY locomotives was begun in December 1993, when Tågab got the first 3 GM-locomotives. They have since taken over several more from bankrupt companies in Denmark and Sweden. Tågab have done a good job with the refurbishing of the old locomotives and adapting them to Swedish specifications. Tågab plan to have them in service for 15 years. Hopefully they will be successful, thereby making it possible to hear the special GM-sound for years to come.

I had to go to Sweden myself, and I was lucky enough to take good photos of MX 1021, presently TMX104, which has retained its special livery.  MY 1108, an extra  in the movie "Dancer in the Dark", was also in Kristinehamn. It was one of the locomotives present at the Dieseldagene in Odense 13-14 August 2004.

Where can you find GM-locomotives at present? Nordjydske Jernbaner have weekly runs from Hjørring. Lollandsbanen are hoping to run freight trains to Næstved in the future, lately LJ M38 has only had little to do, among other things keeping the tracks clear of snow in the winter of 2005.  VLTJ have weekly freight trains hauled by MY and MX. Vestsjællands lokalbaner have a locomotive-hauled passenger train that runs daily. NEG Niebüll have a weekly freight train Tønder - Ribe - Grindsted.

Lokalbaner A/S have a weekly freight train from Frederiksværk to Høje Tåstrup. DSB continue to operate a single MY-locomotive - 1135 - in a new special livery. GM- gruppen have acquired MY 1126, with many people waiting to see which livery it is going to have in the future. DSB museumstog have two MY-locomotives: MY 1101 and MY 1159 and MX 1001. MY 1101 kept the Svendborgbane clear of snow in the winter of 2005.

Even some MZ-locomotives are ending up in Sweden. I was lucky enough to get a photo of MZ 1413 - presently TMZ 1413 - in Norrköping. It is now owned by Svensk Togteknik (STT).

MY 1108, an extra  in the movie "Dancer in the Dark", had a special livery in Denmark too, as a crown could be found on the front.
Photo taken at Nyborg roundhouse.

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