On Monday May 23rd 2011 we took the X2000 from Odense at 7am in the morning. We arrived at Naessjoe exactly 4 hours and 8 minutes later. It was a beautiful sunny day. During the trip we saw MX 1001, MY 1159 and MX 1029. In Aelmhult we saw MX 1042 with a lumber train. From Svensk Tågkraft AB we saw MX 1015 and MX 1004. In the repair shop MX 1012 was being renovated. We saw MZ 1418, MZ 1412, 1417, 1420 and 1414. We boarded the X2000 at 16.53 pm. In Alvesta we saw VIDA MZ 1406, in Hassleholm were 2 Stena MZ's, we couldn't see the numbers, it might have been MZ 1403, 1404 or 1408. Between Copenhagen and Hoeje Taastrup we saw MX 1008. MZ 1455 was in Ringsted and MX 1001 and MY 1159 were still at the railway museum when we arrived in Odense at 21.11 pm. The purpose of the trip was to see MX 1004 in operation, which turned out to be impossible, because it was still unfit for service. But as Anders Löfgren from STAB said "Först kommer jobb för våra kunder, då underhållet av våra egna Loks, då finns det tid att renovera den nya Loks". They are doing a great job with the renovation both in fixing corrosion problems and the paint jobs. The locomotives appear new after a job well done from the Svensk Tågkraft AB.

Visiting Svensk Tågkraft's repair shop with Mx 1012 in for service.

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